Hi, my name is Anthony Anglin the owner of Anthony’s Miracle Painting. I started out painting about two years. Like everyone else I was just a kid with a dream to paint cars, not knowing that it would turn into a business. It’s amazing to me what you can do if you just put your mind to the test. To be completely honest I started a car painting business because I couldn’t find a job that would hire a painter straight out of school, so I created a job for myself. I love bringing joy to people, so I decided to paint cars for people in my community for an affordable price that was fair to all.  Everyone asks me “Why do you paint cars for so cheap,” I tell them I do it for the love, not for the money. The money will follow when you let your heart lead the way. The best part is that all my paint is PPG Paint. For those who don’t know what PPG Paint is, it’s basically one of the best paints in the car painting industry. 

I Just want a different life for me and to bring joy to those around me. I want my business to grow into something big so that my children can be able to live a comfortable life. I’m from Trenton New Jersey where the poverty level is more on the higher side. It’s great to be able to help those from my community and to see the smile on their faces. Believing in yourself is the number one key, having faith in God knowing he’s watching us all. Thank you for hearing part of my story, I’m looking forward to welcoming you the family.